Monday, May 23, 2016

The Newsiest News of the Year...

Guess where we are going for our summer vacation!
South Dakota! You got that one right didn't you?
Guess what we're going to drive on our roadtrip?
A big U-Haul!  You probably didn't get that one!

The time has come to begin a return to our South Dakota roots.  We are MOVING this summer...well-- sort of.  We are going to occupy  both of our houses for a while. Keith, Lexie, and Charlie are going to reside in the California house for one more year before we sell it, while Mary, Gracie, and Libby take over the South Dakota house.  The separate homes for a year is inspired by Katie and Andrew, and the way they handled things when Andrew deployed to sea. 
In California, Keith will work another year at his middle school and University jobs, and work on a big fix-it list to get the house updated and sold. Oh yeah-- he also will write his doctoral dissertation. Writing will be easier with fewer people around, and making home repairs and updates will be easier with a mostly-empty California house.   

Moving back has been our long term goal for years. I'm looking forward to returning to the working world and spending a bit more time with adults! Gracie and Libby will get to attend the same elementary school-- which is brand new in our neighborhood in Pierre, having just opened this school year.  That's a really good thing, since the following year Gracie goes to MIDDLE SCHOOL already!! Gaaaahhh!!  Keith is excited about eventually hunting again with friends and family, as well as enjoying all of the fun available each season in Pierre.  Between our homes, we'll call, text, Facebook, Skype and all of that sort of thing, and we will have holidays together too. 

Roadtripping in a U-Haul, it's happening soon! We are planning to hit the road in a big truck crammed full of beds, bookshelves, boxes, and stuff by July 1.  The 4th of July will be in Pierre this year, and we are all really excited!

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